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What is a Four POint Inspection?


A "4 Point" inspection only focuses on four main areas of interest in a home: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Electrical wiring and  electrical panels (manufacturers). Plumbing connections, water heater  and the Roofing system(s).


Do I Need A 4 point inspection? 

If you are planning on purchasing a real property of 30 years or more a 4 point inspection is required by your insurance provider to base the insurance rates on existing conditions. This is pertinent when insuring an older home. Older homes have had more time in which to have systems repaired or replaced or for things to potentially fall in to disrepair.  Insurance companies want to know the manufacture of the electrical panel(s) to determine if they are "insurable" to verify if the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) seal of approval has been removed due to defective products. The conditions of plumbing such as type of materials used, condition of HVAC system and manufactured year are also reported. Main roofing system and all other secondary roofing system(s) are reported with an approximate life expectancy based on current conditions and original date of installation.

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